Higher Consciousness, Christ Consciousness and Jesus

I got an email from a reader scrutinizing individuals’ capacity to interface with higher awareness and guaranteeing that I presently can’t seem to be tutored by the genuine God- – Jesus Christ.

“You guarantee to show the privileged insights of the spirit, achievement, “getting oneself,” rising, and so on. I accept you’ve forgotten about a significant advance and still can’t seem to be coached by the genuine God; you just advance the self-divine force of new age. How might I tell? Supposing that you had met Him, you would talk about Him and tell others of His magnificence. We can just ascend so far in our own shrewdness and that is because of a previous and self-culminated curse…the very essence of humankind’s distinction. It’s called sin, and the answer for this wrongdoing curse is helped uniquely by the blood of Jesus Christ. Acknowledgment of Him may cause the “coolest” of your companions to mock you and possibly the whole clan of your family to dismiss you…but just He will spare you,” he went on.

Indeed, I really talk about Jesus Christ and have composed the significance of Jesus in a few of my articles. Jesus – as Christ awareness and higher cognizance – is my tutor. Moreover, my activities have been addressed by loved ones – despite the fact that I was following the higher cognizance inside.

My comprehension is that Jesus Christ was here to instruct us, to be a model for us all to follow. We are here to follow his lead, not simply to trust in his reality.

There are numerous misguided judgments about Jesus, his life, and Christianity. For a certain something, Jesus never established the Christian Church, Constantine did – in 325 A.D. Constantine required a multitude of troops for attacking different grounds and taking all the merchandise and property. Constantine established Christianity as an approach to control individuals into battling his wars, for his own benefit and addition. I took in this in the mid 2000s from Father Charlie Moore, a previous Catholic cleric who was excused from the Church for Jesus teaching realities like this to the “normal” individuals. This thought of “war as a vehicle of the ground-breaking first class” is as obvious today as it was in Constantine’s time, and previously.

Jesus showed his supporters how to have direct admittance to God (to higher cognizance). He was a danger to the people pulling the strings, and this is the reason he was put on the cross. (Despite the fact that a large number of his adherents got his lessons wrong.) Jesus was a revolutionary. He said that there was nothing of the sort as transgression, as per Father Charlie Moore’s examinations. The “wrongdoing” idea was presented by the incredible world class so the individuals would be submissive to the tip top’s (man-made) laws. Jesus didn’t trust in transgression; he sustained guilelessness. He pointed the route back to our unique blamelessness.

Jesus instructed how to utilize the force that you were given, to connect with higher cognizance, to connect with your natural forces. Jesus instructed how to connect with God through your higher self- – the “Essence of God,” the higher awareness part of you. Father Moore stated, “Rather than adoring God, utilize the forces you were given! Be the brilliance of God. Help every other person be the greatness of God.”